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Dear Mother Nature…..

Dear Mother Nature,

Why? Why must you keep tormenting us with this winter weather? Every Saturday, I could almost set my watch to it now, we get another dumping of snow, and in between you crank the freezer so we get no respite. And I am speaking for those who have had more than me too.

Apparently you’re sending more tomorrow. Really? REALLY? We haven’t suffered enough this year? My street is getting narrower and my car desperately needs a bath that isn’t coming because then my doors will freeze. We’ve managed to save a little bit of salt  for the walk but really you’ve made it ineffective with the arctic temps, and I think this year we may actually succeed in burying the tree on our front lawn, a goal I never wanted to reach.

Again, why?

I get that winter needs to happen, cycles and all, but really? No break at all and I think we had cold warnings for what, 18 days straight? That’s just too much. I’m done.

Pretty please make spring and summer rock in every possible way because I know I’m not the only one who is seriously contemplating learning how to hibernate. Or build a dome around myself that repels cold, either will work.




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