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The Princess Report: Just call me HRH ;) (Part 1)

I did it!

After overcoming several obstacles, one of the largest being able to train properly due to this neverending winter, I did it, I completed my very first half-marathon, 21.2km, 13.1 miles.

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2014

It was brutal with 100% humidity, but I made it. My goal: under 3hours. The results: race distance (21.1km’s) 2:53:28, the race itself 3:01:17. Guess which time I’m celebrating? ;). With the weaving I had to do, it made the race longer than the distance it should work out to so that’s why I have both times listed.

Winter hit December 13th, I remember because that was the lucky day I got my snow tires on, and it hasn’t let up so unlike last year, getting outside was/is a huge issue. That meant I had to figure out how to train so I would be as ready as possible for this race.  That meant the dreaded elliptical got some serious use, even one workout that simulated the half distance. I lived through that, but, no impact so I had to prepare for that.

We arrived in Florida to spend a few days with my parents and also to acclimatize. I got in a nice 7.5km run on actual pavement the morning after we arrived and oh my, did I ever love it! I missed asphalt so much, and sunshine! It was divine. Then I realized I should have stretched more…oops! Mom to the rescue, I was ok after a day or two.

I did a quick loop run on the Friday and decided to actually listen to my hubby and because I was having trouble with the ridiculous humidity anyway, I came back and decided to not go any further. Good decision. I’d need all the fluids I had on Sunday morning.

Even up until the day before it I was panicking that I wasn’t ready and seriously debated just staying at my parents and wussing out. Thank goodness hubby kicked my butt and said ‘you’re doing this’, so off we went to Orlando.

We arrived to more humidity and my nerves set in. We decided to grab my race kit first to get one major obstacle out of the way. I just wanted that bib in my hands so bad. After a few directional mishaps we managed to get me all geared up, and of course I made a couple small purchases too.

We managed to get to our resort and check in and thank goodness my fellow Princess Laural was there and we met up fairly quickly, the hotel even put us 2 doors down from her so I had some relief. She and her family surprised me and immediately cheered me up with a postcard cheering me on, a lovely bracelet and an adorable button.

My only things left to do were to shop for a few items at the hotel and meet up with my new super-awesome friend Jill. As we were meeting up with Jill and her awesome hubby we also ran into Laural’s parents, small world!


Jill and I consulted and agreed to meet at *gasp* 3:30 am in the lobby to catch the bus. That’s us prior to the nuttiness ;).

More to come in Part Two!


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