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Cleaning Acts of Kindness with Scrubbing Bubbles #LetsBubble

Scrubbing BubblesScrubbing Bubbles® has always worked hard to clean up household messes – and now the Bubbles are on a mission in 2014 to Bubble Across Canada, conducting cleaning acts of kindness! Scrubbing Bubbles is helping others clean-up, one deserving kitchen and bathroom at a time.

Launching at the unofficial start to spring cleaning in Canada, the Let’s Bubble™ is a nationwide call for Canadians to nominate indoor places in their community most deserving of a clean-up, powered by the Scrubbing Bubbles® clean-up team.

After this winter, I know that a lot of places are going to need a clean-up and this is our chance to do something nice and help make a space brighter and cheerier! There’s a lot of salt that’s been tracked indoors and keeping up with it has been a challenge for more than a few places, let’s see about helping a few out shall we? There’s nothing more wonderful than a clean space…at least that’s how I feel as I start my spring tidying.

Start Scrubbing Across the Nation

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® kicks off Let’s Bubble™ on February 22nd, 2014, with a Facebook contest on the Scrubbing Bubbles Canada Facebook page, inviting Canadians to nominate an indoor location in their community most deserving of some sprucing up.

·         From February 22, 2014 to April 28, 2014, Canadians can submit nominations at www.facebook.com/ScrubbingBubblesCanada

·           Forty five (45) Third/Daily Prizes will be randomly awarded, each consisting of a grocery store gift card, Scrubby Brush and a Windex cleaning cloth (each Daily Prize is valued at $20)

·       Nine (9) Secondary/Weekly Prizes will be randomly awarded, each consisting of a gift basket containing Scrubbing Bubbles® and other S.C. Johnson cleaning products (each Weekly Prize is valued at $45)

·       Ten (10) finalist locations will be chosen by a panel of judges and will each receive a $45 gift basket that includes Scrubbing Bubbles® and other S.C. Johnson cleaning products

·         Three (3) Grand Prize winners will be chosen from the finalists after an online voting period from May 11 to June 6 to win a Scrubbing Bubbles® clean-up, $500 in cleaning services in the form of a gift certificate (or a $500 donation to the organization nominated by the entrant, if the entrant entered on behalf of an organization), and a large Scrubbing Bubbles® gift basket

Scrubbing Bubbles

To learn more about Scrubbing Bubbles®, visit the official Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/ScrubbingBubblesCanada and http://www.scrubbingbubbles.ca/
Let’s Bubble shall we? 😉


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