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March Break Review for a Fun Night In!

It is March Break, at least here it is, and while a lot are lucky enough to get away, a lot of us are still in town and should get to have fun too I think.

I am a Non, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice this break. In fact I celebrate the lighter traffic, like a lot ;). But that’s not all. There’s something about this week that makes me want to relax and have a little fun too.

Nondad and I are big into games and we were given ‘Pointing Fingers’ from Hasbro to try out as a potential addition to our library of games with friends. We enlisted friends to help us out and check out the game and we agree it has potential for a fun night in for sure!

Hasbro Gaming Pointing Fingers

Everyone gets a foam finger, and this little indicator that has ‘never, once, sometimes, always’ on it. Then there’s a stack of cards – most of which are “Have you ever” and about a third of which are “would you ever”. Then each card has 3 possibilities on it. Whoever’s reading the card that turn gets to pick which possibility to read – some of them have blanks you can fill in on the fly. So the person reads the “have you ever ?” and everyone sets their indicator to their answer (no, once, etc). Each answer is worth points – no is 0, always is 3.

Examples are:

Would you ever…
Sport a mohawk
Learn a foreign language to go out with someone


Have you ever…
Color-coded your closet
Watched an entire season of a TV show in one weekend (Yeah I’m guilty of this one for sure!)

A fun party game for us adults (and I use that term loosely since I refuse to entirely grow up), I can see a fun night, especially for couples.

Party on!


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