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Review: #CaptainAmerica: The Winter Soldier…the toys!

I was BEYOND fortunate to attend the Premiere this week of the new Captain America movie and I really am a genuine fan of his and the franchise.

The movie itself doesn’t come into theaters until Friday, but you can have a piece of the movie in your home now with the new line from Hasbro. And they are uber-cool I assure you.

First up we have my personal fave new toy, the shield that doubles as a flying disc. When you see the movie you’ll notice that Cap uses it as such a lot more than in the previous movies, and while it isn’t as heavy as I’m sure his is, this one is perfect for playtime and being durable plastic, it’ll cause less damage than his does too ;).

Hasbro Captain America Winter Soldier

In the above picture too is the Blast and Go Captain America line which are great for playing along with The Cap. He did actually ride the bike in the movie, I of course jumped in my seat and was all excited since I had it at home when it came on screen. The detail on this, and the whole line actually, is really impressive.  He does have an action feature as well as do the others in the set. It’s all about multi-level play with these toys, and I am a big fan of that for battling boredom.

Next up we have the Super Soldier line as well as the Legends line of figures. The Legends figure (this one from Hydra) is armed with weapons for the fight against the Avengers. But he also comes with a left arm that you can use to build a menacing Mandroid figure! Collect all the parts (other figures sold separately) to complete the armored droid, then send him and your Agents of Hydra figure into battle. The detail on this one is amazing too, definite ones for the collectors.

Hasbro Captain America Winter SoldierHasbro Captain America Winter Soldier

The Super Soldier line has a really neat feature too! You can take the accessory that comes with the figure and use it on the Battle Helmet (sold separately). They cover the various characters in the movie so the levels of play added with this feature really make them more fun!

The toys are sure to please your Captain America fans young and old, and will I’m sure see some crossovers with the rest of The Avengers as your little (and big) ones create their own battles and re-enactments from the movies.


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