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What would you do if you could do anything?

What would you do if you could wake up tomorrow and do whatever you wanted for the rest of your life?

Seriously. A lot of people ‘say’ they’d spoil themselves, and I won’t fault any of them. It is the dream to be able to do what we want after all.

But what would you actually do to fill the days?

I would quite seriously do the following: Volunteer. I bet I’d smile every day too 🙂.

First, helping animals. As you know, I’m a big animal lover, my cats are my babies and one of the best parts of everyday is snuggling with them. They can’t speak for themselves when they need help and so many do, and they need love too. If I can make an animal’s life better in some way, I will.

Second, helping kids. I am a leader with Girl Guides of Canada with a stellar Sparks unit and I would keep that going plus I would add to that. Since I have a learned about Save the Children Canada I would probably go that way. I like their approach and their reach.

I would also look at giving back to our Armed Forces. My husband was in the reserves, we have a lot of friends who have and continue to serve, worldwide, and I would like to thank them by helping them more.

I think this would fill my time quite nicely. So again, what would you do? 🙂


5 Responses

  1. That’s amazing…the world would be abetter place if people lik eyou had more free time!

  2. I think I would also volunteer with seniors and maybe document their stories so that they wouldn’t be forgotten when they passed away. Everyone is too busy these days and realizing the history in the world and the individual is important.
    That, and travel and share my stories!

  3. I would do absolutely nothing and enjoy every single minute of it.

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