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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Toys from Hasbro!

The movie swung into theaters last week and now Spidey can swing into your little one’s toy box  for off-screen fun!

Boys and girls alike are into the super-hero hype that’s been going on with Marvel the past few years (this gal included). The one Spider I like (I am not good with actual Spiders LOL), I clearly remember coming home for lunch as a kid and my sister and I watching the Spider-Man cartoon daily.

The toys have really come a long way since then, but the fun remains.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Hasbro

For the bigger kids (my husband and his friends also fall into this category) there are toys such as the web-slinger which uses silly string as webbing, or can also use water. Yes grown men can also have loads of fun with this one, and rumour has it, they have….but I digress. 😉

There’s also the Spider-Strike line of figures which have a few more intricate parts that are better for bigger hands. The figures come in a few different versions but all are very detailed and have a Spider gadget that works with the figure. The one pictured has a hover-board that holds Spidey on with a magnet and has snap-action so he can grab the bad guys and fly them away. Very cool. And frankly, hearing the term ‘hover-board’ excites me. If you’re my age, you know why that is. 😉

Next up is for the littler ones. Hasbro’s Marvel Super Hero line of toys. My first love about these is that the vehicle sets come with figures, they’re not sold separately. As a Non-parent, this makes me happy since I won’t have to track down separate components, the munchkins can play straight away. I imagine this also goes over well with my parent-friends.

The PlaySkool Heroes line are  a lot of fun and make Spider-Man and his friends more approachable for them without sacrificing any of the big kid fun. They can get a Spidey figure who, when they squeeze him raises his arms to shoot his web. It’s cool actually. And again, I know I harp on this, but the detail on the toy is great. Kids are seeing more detailed versions of their super heroes on tv and in the movie and the toys need to reflect that or they will notice.

This line also includes some of Spidey’s cool vehicles for fighting the bad guys. There’s a tank (which again, includes a Spider-Man figure) and also a Web-Wheelin’ Bike! Too much fun, these are perfect for littler hands and have lots of fun features to help in Spidey’s adventures. The bike pops wheelies (seriously, I’m having childhood flashbacks of fun right now) and his Web-Strike Tank fires a web, the cockpit opens and closes so Spidey can drive properly and there’s even a claw to grab the bad guys!

Web Strike Thank Spider-Man Hasbro

And last, but certainly not least, we have the two-packs of the Super-Heroes. The one I was given to try out had Iron Man and War Machine, but they come in several combinations, and these ones in particular are the perfect size for play with the Tank and Bike. After all, Spidey could use some help from his buds right? 😉

Overall the line is pure awesomeness and guaranteed fun for the little ones (and bigger ones) in your life who want to emulate Spidey’s adventures at home before and after the movie…which I am dying to see too! 😉


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