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Review: Star Wars Black Series from Hasbro

I was very lucky to be home when this box arrived since I suspect if it had been my hubby, I may not have seen the box, it would have disappeared into the basement aka man cave ;).

That’s right, not only is the next  Star Wars movie in pre-production overseas, with the original cast too (Squee!!!), but the Black Series by Hasbro are out and wow, within minutes of posting about them on my personal Facebook page the comments were flying!

Star Wars Black Series Hasbro

DISCLAIMER: Due to the BEGGING of my friends/random people who saw the pictures, no, the boxes have not been actually opened. I fear for people showing up at my door and calling me a ‘Nerfhearder’ ;).

The series are incredibly detailed and I can tell you in all honesty (and this comes from a serious fan) that Luke and Han actually look like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. It’s pretty cool actually.  They come in two sizes, the 6-inch and the 3.75-inch and cover all of the movies, I even got Mara Jade as a sample. Also Darth Plagueis, who I’m told is a hard one to find ;).

For fans of the original three movies (myself included, I’m a purist, it’s gotta be the actual original ones, I don’t personally like the added effects…but that’s me), the figures will immediately take you back to the sands of Tatooine and the first Death Star battle. For fans overall (I know there’s one or two out there LOL), they haven’t left anyone out and no one could be disappointed with either size figure as the detail and attention to it is amazing.

Two of my favourite details:

1) The colouring of the figures. What I mean by that is you can actually see a colouration where ‘sand’ would be on the characters from battle. You can even see the wrinkles that would naturally occur on their costumes.

2) The lightsabers aren’t a solid painted ‘stick’ like they were when I was a kid, they’re see-through and ‘glow’ when in the light as a result. It’s a little detail, but it’s important to me (and I’m sure a lot of other fans of the franchise).

Now you can bring the adventures and epic battles of the Jedi, Sith, Imperials and Rebels to your home for the young and young at heart with incredible detail that is sure to please collectors and enthusiasts alike. The figures are in-stores now (I know, I checked last weekend when I was out).

May The Force Be With You…Always ;).


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