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Getting my #Running Groove Back

I admit it, since the half-marathon running just hasn’t been something I love. And that’s upsetting for me since I was really really enjoying this new activity in my life.

Since race day I’ve suffered from lead legs, hips out of alignment, the wrong muscles firing and the right ones not and feeling all twisty and ‘off’. It hasn’t been pleasant. I’ve been seeing my trainer/coach and we’ve been working through it but until last week, I just couldn’t find my ‘bounce’.

When I am running and enjoying it, I feel all light and, well, bouncy on my feet. I grin from ear to ear, wave and smile at my fellow runners and walkers and enjoy every moment.  I pace to my music and it’s my ‘me’ time. Something we all need.

I guess I’m a bit impatient too. I knew by doing what the doc was telling me things would get better but it seemed like one roadblock after another and to be blunt, the weather wasn’t helping my enthusiasm either.

Last week I started my new routine of stretching and pre-race exercises and when I went out for a run on Saturday with my friend (who is an Ironwoman incidentally, OMG, I totally ran with an Ironwoman!!!) it was the best I had felt in months! The bounce was back. Even without my playlist on that particular outing.

I was able to rekindle my love of this activity and it’s perfect timing too since, umm, this is race week. Yes, I signed up and debated not going, but am now determined and remotivated for the Run for Women 10K. I can do this. Will it be a PB day? If I’m lucky. Does that matter? Nope. I just wanna run!


2 Responses

  1. Well done, you! I’m so proud of you and every bit of hard you’re doing ❤

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