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#Running Redemption Achieved

As you read last week, running has been a struggle for me of late and it was something I needed to get over and quick since I had signed up for Oakville’s Run for Women on June 1st.

Plagued by injuries and strains etc. I was past frustrated with myself and my patience was gone. But I knew this race was coming up and I was going (unless it was monsooning out, then umm no, been there, done that, no more monsoons) to do my best and hope for a decent result.

Last week I trained smart and my last time out was on Thursday night where I upped my interval from 3:1 to 4:1, but kept the distance low to not wreck anything. Coach Jeff recommended it so I figured try it. It was a great run too, I actually really genuinely enjoyed it. The confidence was coming back.

Friday I was tied up with an event and Saturday I ran a couple of errands, and for me at least, did my best to relax and rest up.

Carbs were also involved. I love carbs. But I digress.

Everything was planned out, I need that, I’m a planner, and when my alarm went off at 6:30 on Sunday I was up, dressed and doing my warm-up routine and eating my pre-race food. And best of all, I was actually smiling. That hasn’t happened before a run in a while.

Hubby drove and we got to our friends place where we parked and dropped him off his coffee. I geared up, finished a few extra stretches and, donning my sparkle skirt and tiara headband I headed over to meet my friend and her friends at the event.


I got to the start area and was immediately at ease. This was what I needed. A smaller scale than previous and perfect weather. I met up with my friend Terri and her friends, talked strategy and then we were pretty much off!

I did something I’ve never done before with this race, I triple-stinted my running for the start. I felt great, I figured why not? I had it in my head I wasn’t doing this for time, this was simply to get my confidence back. And it worked too. I maintained my pace and kept to my 3:1 intervals and kept going. I loved it, I smiled the whole time!

When I got to the 8th km I decided that whenever my walk interval ended once I passed km 9 I was going to just run the rest.

I saw my hubby on the corner near the finish to cheer me on. Well, he cheered in his way, by being there, and my smile grew. I love making him proud of me :).


I got to the final corner, saw Terri and her friends and poured it on, a matter of meters to go I sprinted to the finish.

My goal for the race was simple: Have fun, love it again, and if possible, get a 1:15.

I got a 1:11:38. I took 3:23 off my best 10k time. Go me!


New goal: Since I run 3:1’s (Run 3 mins, walk 1), and since my triple-stint experiment went well, by the end of the summer I want to be able to run 5km (this race was a 10) straight. Time is irrelevant, I just want to be able to do it.

Conclusion: I love this again :).


2 Responses

  1. Way to go, Amy! I love that you are doing this. Keep it up!

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