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Review: #Transformers Toys from Hasbro

The new Transformers movie may have arrived in theaters a week ago, but you can already bring a piece of it home for the fan in your life with the toys from Hasbro.

Since the toys themselves are rather multi-generational, they come in different versions for different age groups, and what I love about the two lines is that there is no short-changing on fun with the younger age group’s toys.

Optimus Prime HasbroOptimus Prime Hasbro

The first line of for the younger kids (or, me), ‘Smash and Change’, is perfect for smaller hands and sacrifices nothing in the level of fun for the kids. As you can see from the pictures, the detail is very well done, and the toys are very durable too (also important for smaller hands).

And I would also like to mention the packaging. It has a retro feel to it, and frankly, that made me smile as I grew up with the original Transformers and this is VERY reminiscent of them. But I digress. 😉

Next up is the 16-step Dinobot Slug figure from the Transformers Generations Deluxe Class line. Obviously this one is aimed at an older crowd, 8 and up, and had smaller parts and a slightly more complicated level of play to it. The 16-step process may sound intimidating (it did to me), but I am constantly amazed at how quickly the kids can transform these toys. So, I wouldn’t worry too much ;).

There is also an app for an added level of play that mom and dad can check out on iPhone and Android for to add to the fun. I really like that Hasbro takes this extra step with several of their lines so that the combination of tactile and digital play are both present. The generation coming up are so ingrained with technology that I think this will gain and hold their interest. It’s all about balance.

The toys are in-store now and ready to play with the munchkins in your life :).

On a fun note, who is your favourite Transformer? I admit it, I’m a Bumblebee girl to the core 😉



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