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A Race Abroad…One for the Bucket List

Last week I snuck away. It was only for 9 days, but I filled those days let me tell you.
As a gift from my Grandmother who passed away earlier this year I was able to take my husband and I away overseas to London. I love London, but due to circumstance, hadn’t been able to visit in 10 years. It was an easy decision to go, but what to do while there and how to make it memorable and a proper thank you to my grandmother was a challenge, one that I was absolutely up for.
We know I am a runner. Words I still can’t believe sometimes apply to me, but I am. Once London was established as our destination and our hotel was booked, I took a serious look at where we were going to be. Across the street from Kensington Gardens, a most lovely park, also home to Kate (more on that later though). I decided my running gear was coming with me.
Then I made a random web search and found something even better, a race! In Hyde Park! It would be a 5K for me (still recovering after all and I would have a week of walking ahead of me) for Stroke Association UK.
After landing just 24 hours prior I was still a little stiff but put on my colourful running best (one must dress for a race after all and being abroad wasn’t going to change that for me) and of course my tiara headband (THANK YOU JACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!) and hubby and I headed over to the start. Thankfully the starting area was easy to spot as I really had only a vague idea of where I was going.
It was a cool morning for sure, but I was cool with that, this was Hyde Park…in LONDON. My dream come true!
I managed to get a little too excited and forgot to set my Garmin watch so in all honesty, I didn’t start with the masses…but that probably helped me as I was worried about my pacing and going too fast at the start like I had a week prior.
Soon enough I was off and what a beautiful course! Breathtaking, and not just because I was running either. I couldn’t help but keep smiling the whole route soaking in where I was and how wonderful that was for me.
And yes, I did my ‘Royal’ wave as I crossed the line too ;). Click here to see.
My public goal for the race: Sub 40. My private goal: Sub 35.
I finished with a 34:13. WOO HOO!!!!!
The last part of the fun, taking my medal to show Kate…I’m hoping she saw me ;).
London 2014 004

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  1. Jolly good. Amy! What a great idea to include a run in your trip!

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