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Nonmom attempts to survive the holidays…with a smile!

I have admitted and still admit it, I am way behind this year. In fact, ‘some’ of my Christmas cards are going in the mail shortly…it’s December 22nd incidentally. Yeah, having had a nasty cold/flu not once, not twice, but yes, three times in 2 months really did me in. I’ve been playing catch-up all fall. Note to self, do everything at the start of November next year….but I digress. 😉

In order to survive the holidays this year I have had to seriously prioritize. Easy? No way, but necessary. And really, it has made me realize what is essential to the holidays, so it’s got a sparkly side to it. Where did I get the idea to make a holiday survival list? From the cool people at www.ManCrates.com. Seriously, they have some neat stuff for the guys on your list…can we say ‘Bacon Crate’. 😉 They actually arrive in crates too, you need a crowbar! So cool and definitely on my list for the near future.

Surviving the Holiday Sweet Tooth: To get through the temptation (and it’s been hard this year) to nibble on every delectable treat I’m presented with I have had to ration myself. So far it’s worked too. And trust me, the cake pops my boss and his wife got me were beyond hard to not gobble up all at once. I really take a look at the treat and ask myself if it is something I can have access to all year, or just at the holidays. Then I look at how strong my willpower will be to only have one or two. A treat really has to be special in order to get to my lips let me tell you ;). And if that all fails, I go up to my closet, look at my gorgeous Duchess dresses and decide that I need those to keep fitting ;).

Surviving the Decor: The next part I need to get through is decorating. I’m normally quite the little Elf around my home. I genuinely love it. I think it would make Martha Stewart proud (of course I also own a tonne of her line of decorations so yeah, she’d definitely be proud). This I had to scale back and get realistic. With a new kitten (Princess Dory Grace arrived in late spring) who has never seen a Christmas tree before, let alone the decor for the holidays, I decided, I think rather wisely, to keep it simple. So, how does Minimartha (moi) handle this? I took my bins of decorations to my office of course and decorated there. Is it the same? No. But, since I’m at the office throughout the holidays I get to enjoy my silver and gold decorations (can we tell I’m also a massivve Rudolph fan?) every day :). Scaling back doesn’t have to mean sacrifice though. There is something about doing my tree in the multi-coloured lights with the ornaments I grew up with as a kid that makes me smile in a truly uniquely Christmas-esque way.

Surviving the Social Baking: My baking is next. I honestly didn’t do much of it the past couple of years, mostly to avoid temptation (I’m weak, I admit it), but this year since I’ve had to give up a lot, this is something special I want to do a little bit of. I’ve found a way to make this part of the holidays work too. I have the most amazing store with a delectable bakery in it around the corner from me. My strategy: bake one or two things that are just plain essential to the holidays and then ‘cheat’ and incorporate treats from there. I can even use their cookies and decorate them myself. I dare anyone to ask who made them up at a party ;).

Surviving the Stores: Normally, when I have a less nutty schedule, I do the bulk of my shopping online. This year that just didn’t happen. My strategy, that for my hubby and I works (I know having kids makes a difference), was going shopping together and pick stuff out for each other. We sacrificed the surprises of Christmas morning, but in return we got to spend some invaluable time together…which I’ll take as a win. We also went early in the morning (and I’ve been later at night too) to avoid the crowds. So far so good on that one. 😉 Also, I did sneak out and get a couple fun surprises for hubby.

Holiday survival for me has meant prioritizing and really trying to hone in on what’s important about the holidays: being with family. Mine may be a small on with myself, my darling hubby and our three furballs, but it’s still oh-so-special and I plan on smiling as brightly as Rudolph’s nose glows ;).

Merry Christmas!


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