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To myself on my 37th birthday —eeeek!

‎That’s a big number, in fact, it’s a bit bigger than last year around this time. Why it keeps getting bigger, I am not quite sure, but it can start reversing anytime now…am I right? I really think we should start a petition for this.

Thirty-seven huh? Ok, let’s take a look at this one and see where we’re at from last year.

1. Half-marathon from last February, accomplished.
2. Finally made it back to the UK to go on my #KateQuest (aka go to as many Kate-themed places as possible) as well as show my hubby why I love the UK so much.
3. To go along with the point above, trip to LK Bennett (the location the Duchess shops at) and make a purchase, accomplished. (An admittedly cheesy thing for the list, but if you know me, you know this was beyond special.
4. Completion of our little fur-family with the addition of Princess Dory Grace, achieved.
5. ‎The ‘improvement process’ for the house: begun.

Overall, not bad. I wonder what this year will bring.



2 Responses

  1. Hi Amy:

    Live it up when celebrating your 37th birthday. All the best to you. Sounds like last year was very productive. Glad you got to visit the U.K. good for you and your hubby. And you are even working on your home. There’s no grass growing under your feet. Fill me in on your other happenings!

    Just a tiny update news wise from me, I will be a grandmother around February 20. My daughter is expecting and I’m so excited to see little Reamus. That’s my pet name for him, it’s going to be a boy. My daughter and her fiancé have moved to New York City from Singapore as of November of last year. It’s so much closer than Singapore where they were residing. Last August I visited them in Singapore. A fabulous city, I loved it and we ventured to Thailand. Enjoyed a wonderful ride on an elephant through the jungle, while in Thailand. I’m still doing BCX and have been fairly steady with my biz, although I’m always looking for bigger accounts but things are going pretty well.

    If you would like to meet for coffee sometime soon, before (Feb. 20 as I’m heading to NYCity around then to help with the baby), on Trafalgar @ Dundas, perhaps at Starbucks in that mall, let me know. I’d love to catch up with you.

    Again I hope your 37th year is a “Zinger,” I’m sure it will be.


    Mary Ellen

  2. It sounds like it was a great year! I’m wishing you the very, very best for this year ❤ ❤

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