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Monopoly Turns the Big 8-0!

It’s well into a frigid so far 2015 and one way to deal with this (in fact my favourite as it avoids it altogether) is to have a games night with friends or family (or both!).

Which game to choose? That’s always a fun decision to make, and here’s a fun fact that might just help you out: This is the year that the mustached moneymaker Mr. Monopoly turns the big 8-0.

I know, I know, I agree, he doesn’t look a day over 60, but he, and the game, are in fact in their 8th decade of buying and selling hot properties and building business empires.

Hasbro Monopoly

Given that at this very moment there are seven different Monopoly boards in our home (plus we have it for PS3 and Wii), hearing about the 80th edition definitely got our attention.

The games night planning (and Mr. Monopoly’s birthday party planning) began and four aspiring tycoons and their tokens took to the board.

What’s awesome about this edition and why it deserves a place on your shelf starts with the tokens themselves. There are 8 and each represents a decade of the game. I of course decided to try out the newest of the bunch, the cat, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I won Free Parking a couple times, but spent a fair amount of time in jail too. Nevertheless, much fun was had.

The board, cards, Monopoly money and even the houses and hotels have a lovely ‘art deco’ look and feel to them (the hotels and houses are wooden and so cool!).

We played a great game with great friends (and the snacks were good too), there is just something about this particular game and fun times. I suspect that we will be celebrating his birthday several more times this year ;).

The edition is now in stores and is well-worth a look.

With all of the different versions and variations on play, which is your favourite house rule?


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  1. Now I’m dying to know which seven Monopoly versions you have. 🙂

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