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Reclaiming my Bookworm Status

When I was a kid I was easy to spot, I always had my nose in a book. My parents, and my school librarian, were constantly trying to find me new books to read and I went through a few series as a kid. I have fond memories of the Madeline books, my beloved Nancy Drew’s (my dad got me hooked on those) and of course my mom’s old Trixie Belden’s. I also cherish to this day my mom’s copy of Scarlet Royal.

I graduated pretty quickly into sci-fi and was also a big fan of John Grisham and in middle school I was reading Tom Clancy too.

I never did get to read the classics in high school, and didn’t have time in University, but almost the moment I graduated I became a regular at the bookstore and was reading voraciously again. I finally got to read Jane Austen’s works (and love them) and my favourite, Jane Eyre.

I read all (I think) of Maeve Binchy’s books and even manged to acquire a signed copy of Whitethorn Woods, a precious thing to me for sure.IMG_20150315_201248_edit

My tastes have ranged over the years, and at the moment, fuelled by a trip this past fall back to my beloved London, I’m back to my love of history. I’ve been reading non-stop British monarchy pieces and I am simply loving them all.

I’m so happy to have returned to my former Bookworm-self…it’s all I can do to put the books down at night…and I can truly hardly wait to pick them up again as soon as possible so I can start the next one in the growing pile on my nightstand.

Are you an avid reader too? What is your favourite genre?


One Response

  1. Jane Eyre is my favorite too!!

    Historical fiction tends to be my go-to. Right now I’m reading War Brides. I’m really liking it.

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