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Signs of Spring…not always the same

Where I live spring seems to have taken its sweet time arriving. It is so long overdue that on several of my lunch hours I noticed a beautiful little Robin behind my house who would hop ever closer to my window. He seemed to be acting as spring’s official spokesbird and was apologizing for the hold up.

I’m forgiving him, but only because he was so darn cute.

This year the typical signs of the season have been very hard to find as they’ve been buried under snow and shivering in frigid temps, so the hunt was difficult.

But here are some that arrived despite the difficulty and have helped keep me going for sure:

1. The need to clean.‎ It envelops me and drives me even when I’m exhausted. When this feeling hits I know without a doubt what time of year it is. Of note, I’ve already put out 3 bags of items for donations this month…more is pending.

2. The need for change. I have waited (not so the last 3 years) patiently to paint my living room. As we only have light from the back of the house and the front door our darker living room looked small and dated and I admit it was really really really getting to me. Several trips to pick up paint chips later and a colour was finalized that works for our space. ‎It is now painted too. But that’s for another post 😉

3. The need to be active again. I admit it, winter and the unending cold got to me and being active took a backseat to trying to keep warm with several layers of socks and lots of fleecy blankets. I am literally edgy now if I can’t get out for some sort of a workout…and I love it!

What non-traditional signs of spring have you seen or look forward to?


One Response

  1. I’m putting my life into binders. lol Between teaching, writing, blogging, mommying, and adoption, I need 56,731 binders 😉

    Now that we’re in a new city, I’m seeing spring in a whole new way! It’s very rainy. I’m not loving that, but the warm weather is divine!

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