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Road Trip to Gettysburg Planning

For me, the moment the furnace goes off, I go into summer-mode. As soon as I don my sandals for the first time, I stay in them. Frankly, after that winter, my feet deserve it too ;).
For a lot of us, holidays are limited in length so need to be maximized, myself included. That’s why this year hubby and are re-capturing a bit of my youth at least, and doing a couple road trip getaways over long or extended weekends.
First up, one that has been on our bucket list for sure: Gettysburg!
We can hardly wait and are even staying across the street from the battlefield! Can we say ‘Nonmom is totally on the lookout for ghosts’? Cause I totally will be!
We share a love of history and this is truly a significant site worth visiting.
How do we begin our planning?
We have been poring over the visitor guides and websites and are picking and choosing what our top ‘must-see-and-do’s’ are (I’m voting for a ghost walk let me tell you).
Dare I let hubby convince me, who has never ridden a horse, to tour the battlefield on horseback? 😉
And I must say, all of the specials on Netflix and History Channel are certainly helping too. The Jennie Wade house is a must because of those for sure!
We also use good ‘ol Google to find ideas and of course search out blog posts and other social media outlets.
The countdown has begun…and the excitement is ramping up!
Bring on the open road!


One Response

  1. I think it’s brilliant 🙂 sandals, road trips, horseback… now that’s a summer!

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