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Road Trip to #Gettysburg Part Two

Admittedly this post is a little delayed, but that shouldn’t take anything away from it.

On our second full-day at Gettysburg, and I mean full too, we accomplished A LOT.

We started off at the Gettysburg National Military Park visitor centre and attended a fantastic lecture (complimentary too) put on by one of the fantastic NPS park rangers. This one was an overview of the whole battle and was made all the better since we had driven it the day before. We highly recommend attending one of their talks, or more.

We then did the video, the cyclorama and museum on-site… and some shopping afterwards of course. I thought the cyclorama was simply a painting, but wow, it was that and so much more. An interactive telling of Pickett’s charge from Cemetery Ridge where you are ‘in’ the line, we were very impressed.

The museum took you from beginning to end and showcased many of the poignant stories from the battle along with a history of the period. The one that touched me was the story of a Union soldier who was identified post-mortem by the sweet picture of his children he was clutching when he passed.


After our adventures at the visitor centre we headed to the Jennie Wade House for a tour. Jennie was the sole civilian killed during the battle and seeing the actual spot where she was killed and the actual bullet hole was very moving. This tour is another must. She was a young girl who was only at this house to help her sister Georgia who had just given birth to a baby and was killed while making bread and biscuits for the Union soldiers.

Where Jennie was killed

Where Jennie was killed

Myself and Jennie's statue

Myself and Jennie’s statue

That evening we enjoyed another fantastic meal, this time at The Farnsworth House.


The food was period fare and included a starter of Jennie Wade bread (which I’m trying to find the recipe to) and a delectable menu. The Farnsworth House also offers haunted ghost walks. I was all over that. Our guide was Tom and he was fantastic. The house itself is said to be occupied by spirits and when we were in the attic the door did slam by itself. Tom said that was the spirit of a little boy named Jeremy who likes to play. We also saw the window from which snipers took their shots during the battle and in fact, it is strongly suspected that the shot that killed poor Jennie Wade came from here.

The window where the sniper shot likely came from

The window where the sniper shot likely came from

Our guide Tom

Our guide Tom

Tom took us up the road and showed and told us more stories, and just the history alone makes these tours so great, and we ended on a road where there are said to be a lot of spirits. I of course took out my camera and got a couple of ‘interesting’ pictures. Judge for yourself, but I know what I see ;).



All I know is, we’re counting down until we can go back… and I will have my camera ready again too ;).


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