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Holiday Baking Fun with Becel

The holidays and baking go hand-in-hand and I know every year I try to come up with a fun new recipe to try out, I try to top myself and usually when I start doing my recipe searches I get intimidated and can’t get over the amazing creations others come up with.

Here’s where Becel’s ‘Anything Goes’ Cookie Dough recipe comes in. It’s a lovely basic dough and you can add all sorts of things to it without having to find a whole new recipe (but your cookie-eating friends likely won’t notice –wink wink).

Deciding what to bake each holiday season can cause stress, but with this recipe you can do a half-batch one style, and the other another. Definitely a way to get more out of your dough ;).

And, just in time for the holidays for the baker in your life, Becel is having a fantastic contest! Read on for the details!

I’m thinking of adding some of the leftover Halloween candy to make my dough and cookies more fun! How yummy does crushed up peanut butter cups sound? Or Reese’s Pieces? Mmmm!



2 1/4 cups  all-purpose flour

1 tsp.  baking soda

1/2 tsp.  salt

1 cup  Becel® Buttery Taste margarine

1 cup  firmly packed light brown sugar

1/4 cup granulated sugar

2 Naturegg Omega 3 eggs (where available – otherwise, please use your preferred brand)

1 tsp. vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 375°F (190° C). Combine flour, baking soda and salt in medium bowl; set aside. Beat Becel® Buttery Taste margarine with sugars in large bowl using electric mixer until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Beat in eggs and vanilla until blended. Gradually add in flour mixture; beat just until blended. Add your choice of mix-ins (i.e. chocolate chip, dried fruit, seeds, toffee bits, etc.). Drop by tablespoonfuls on ungreased baking sheets, 2-inches (5 cm) apart. Bake 7 minutes or until edges are golden. Cool 2 minutes on wire rack; remove cookies from sheets and cool completely.

About the contest:

Get into the holiday spirit by #BakingWithBecel!

Share a photo of your Anything Goes Cookie Dough creation with Becel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and be entered for your chance to win 1 of 4 baking prize packages valued at $625! See below for additional details, and be sure to visit becel.ca for the full rules and regulations, or click here.

Contest Entry Dates:

Monday, November 16 to Sunday, December 13

How to Enter:

Get creative! Add your favourite ingredients and/or mix-ins to the Becel Anything Goes Cookie Dough recipe (included below) and share a photo of your #BakingWithBecel creation alongside a tub of Becel Buttery Taste margarine in one of the following ways:

  • Instagram:  To enter via Instagram, log in to your public Instagram Account and post a photo of your cookie creation using the hashtags #BakingWithBecel and #Contest and an explanation of your suggested added ingredients to the Becel Anything Goes Cookie Dough Recipe
  • Twitter:  To enter via Twitter, log in to your public Twitter Account and tweet a photo of your cookie creation using the hashtags #BakingWithBecel and #Contest and an explanation of your suggested added ingredients to the Becel Anything Goes Cookie Dough Recipe
  • Facebook:  To enter via Facebook, log in to your Facebook Account and post a photo of your cookie creation to the Becel Facebook Page Wall using the hashtags #BakingWithBecel and #Contest and an explanation of your suggested added ingredients to the Becel Anything Goes Cookie Dough Recipe
  • Pinterest: To enter via Pinterest, log in to your public Pinterest Account and create a Pinterest board with the title #BakingWithBecel and pin your Photo to that board, including the hashtags #BakingWithBecel and #Contest , the date, and your added ingredients to the Becel Anything Goes Cookie Dough recipe in the Pin description

To enter, participants must post a photo of their baked-with-Becel creation alongside a Becel tub to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest using the hashtag #BakingWithBecel and tagging Becel’s pages where appropriate.


Each week, one winner will be drawn to win a #BakingWithBecel baking prize pack valued at $625.

Baking prize packs include a 5.5 quart stand mixer, baking sheet and set of measuring cups and spoons from Cuisinart Canada, four packages of HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Baking Chips and product coupons from Burnbrae Farms (outside Atlantic Canada) and Becel!

Prizing Eligibility:

To be eligible to enter the contest, an individual must be a resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) and have reached the legal age of majority in his/her province or territory of residence.

Happy Baking to all!
This post was sponsored by Becel, however, all opinions are my own 🙂

Get Your Family Game On with Hasbro


As my regular readers and friends know, in
our house, board games and games in general are always fun and special shared time.

So many memories of family time involve board games (Monopoly, Life, and Clue to name a few) and now with my husband and our friends we’ve built upon that with Taboo, Funny or Die and the classic and oh-so-fun Twister!

Going out is indeed great fun with friends, but staying in and playing some classic (and trying some new) board games is always a fun time.

How do the best games nights go? Well, as much as hubby and I enjoy actually playing against each other, having friends over definitely adds to the fun.

Our ingredients for a Great Games Night:
Invite some great friends (or of course, have the family over)
Plan some yummy snacks (see the book in the picture for tips)
Pick some great games
Let the fun begin!

Games where teams form are always fun, but so are board games, it all depends on the group at the time. A few favourite board games of ours are Clue, Minion Operation and of course Monopoly. And a new couple favourites for even more fun are Funny or Die and Taboo. Hubby and I admit, Taboo when we tried it out was immediately acquired.

The last long-weekend of the summer is upon us, and what better time to have your own games night than this.

Which games will you choose? What’s your favourite party snack? I’m thinking outdoor Twister followed by some Funny or Die and Taboo with ‘Itty Bitty BLT’s’ :).

Like, comment and share and you may just win a fantastic ‘Get Your Game On’ prize pack ;). ***Canada Only

My Monopoly, that’s right, make your own Monoply is here!

Have you ever wished you could re-name some of the spots on your Monopoly board? Well, now you can, and complete with your own fun pictures too.

This latest incarnation of the popular game (one of my personal favourites I assure you) allows you to add your own photos to the property spaces and cards. It adds a whole new level when you can own ‘Dad’s man cave’ or ‘Mom’s dream kitchen’. In our house properties could range from owning race car teams to cat food factories (the furballs like to be involved after all lol).

A game that is truly timeless, I alone have probably 5 different versions of it and play them all, it really is fun for families and groups.

What I love is that nothing about the game is sacrificed, but now the capability is really there to have a true ‘Family Board’. This would be perfect for weddings, birthdays and more. I am really excited about it and debate has been active in our home on what to make the properties for us.

That’s where you come in, and as my thank you to you, and Hasbro too of course, you can win your very own My Monopoly!

What do you need to do to win? Simply suggest either a fun idea for a property for me, or your best idea for your future board by commenting here or on the Facebook page. I will randomly draw a winner, open to Canada only. Contest starts now and ends midnight my time (EST) on September 18th.

Give Good Energy with Starbucks Refreshers this Summer

Summer is so short and we have a lot to pack into it don’t we? I know my weekends are almost booked up already…and summer doesn’t officially launch until this Saturday! Wowzers!

To keep our energy levels up (in a natural way) so we can maximize our fun, Starbucks has brought their Refreshers to stores just in time! They have an improved flavour and are made with real fruit juice, B vitamins and naturally occurring caffeine from green coffee bean extract. For the calorie conscious (including myself) they have 90 per can, which I’m good with. Also the price, $2.99, not bad. Offered in Raspberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemonade (my fave so far) and Blueberry Acai, there’s sure to be one to suit your taste.


Starbucks RefreshersBut that’s not all that Starbucks is up to this summer!

The campaign is ‘Give Good Energy’ or #GoodEnergy, and the purpose is to engage Canadians with positivity every day. We all need that in our lives and it really does make a difference to hear positive words. I know that on MANY occasions when I’ve felt a little down, simply smiling or being smiled at makes a massive difference to me.

To further this Starbucks is encouraging Canadians to follow their Starbucks Refreshers Give Good Energy board on Pinterest which will be full of inspirational quotes and such. There are some good ones on there, I checked ;).

There’s also an automated weekly boost of Good Energy that you can subscribe to via text. I did. Simply text GOOD to 39393 (POSITIVE in Quebec), and on Mondays at 3pm you’ll get an inspirational text sent to you. Let’s face it, we all need that on a Monday, myself included.

And to help us along with this, Starbucks and myself are having an inspirational, energizing giveaway!

The “Starbucks Refreshers Good Energy On-The-Go Gift Pack” (approximate value $150) includes a variety of must-haves for a daily dose of inspiration and good energy on-the-go, such as:

·               All three flavours of Ready-to-drink Starbucks Refreshers™

·               Personal Journal

·               Yoga mat

·               Inspirational quote tote

·               Refreshing body mist

·               Lip balm

·               Portable cell phone charger

·               Moist towelettes

·               Ear buds

·               And much more!

Want to win it? Simply leave me a comment here and tell me what inspires and motivates you or how you perk up when you’re needing energy. Open to Canucks only, the winner will be randomly drawn by Nonmom on June 22nd and notified by email.

Here’s one to get your started, my personal mantra is to put one foot in front of the other and you will get there. It has served me well and continues to. Let’s inspire each other!


Helping to end Violence Against Women with Winners HomeSense & The Canadian Women’s Foundation

I make it a priority in my life to help others where I can and how I am able to.

Did you know that half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16[1]? I didn’t know this and the stat worried me, really? In Canada? This is just unacceptable, plain and simple.

In its continuing efforts to end violence against women, the Canadian Women’s Foundation has paired up with Winners and HomeSense to create the Shop for Hope campaign that runs throughout April 12 to May 11.

This unique program donates net proceeds of specially marked Canadian Women’s Foundation products to help raise hope for women and their children across Canada who experience violence.

From pillows with inspirational quotes, to throws, candles and jewelry boxes, this exclusive line of products has something for everyone, with the added benefit of helping women in your community.

Some of the beautiful and empowering pieces can be seen below, and I must say, the teacups and the pillows are two of my faves already.

TJX PillowsTJX MugsTJX Towel

“WINNERS and HomeSense are committed to helping the Canadian Women’s Foundation raise hope and end violence against women. Together, along with other campaign partners, we are proud to have collectively raised more than $12 million over the past nine years to support women who have experienced abuse,” said Shannon Johnson, WINNERS HomeSense spokesperson. “Our carefully created beautiful Shop for Hope products inspire people to join this cause and help women in Canada who have experienced violence to rebuild their lives.”

In support of this wonderful initiative Nonmom is having a giveaway showcasing these beautiful pieces in the hopes that you too will help out, and enhance the beauty around you at the same time. You can win a gorgeous gift bag containing wearable swag to household décor and accents the approximate value is over $250! Enter by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook page. I will draw a winner on May 5th, open to Canadians only. 🙂

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is one of the ten largest women’s foundations in the world and helps to empower women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence.

[1]The Violence Against Women Survey, Statistics Canada, 1993. Although more up-to-date data would be preferable, no future Statistics Canada survey asked women about their life-time experience of violence. Available:http://www23.statcan.gc.ca/imdb/p2SV.pl?Function=getSurvey&SDDS=3896&Item_Id=1712

Easter Excitement with Target and Hasbro and Nonmom, Oh My!

Easter is coming and I must admit, it’s one of my favourite holidays. It always has been. I think I’ve told you about the strategy sessions and house divisions my sister and I applied to our egg-hunts. We had an absolute blast, and so did mom and dad watching us. Now the training has begun with her kids, poor bunny had a brief reprieve but now we’re training the next generation ;).

But it wasn’t just about the hunt, E.B. was always kind to us and we got a toy or two as well. E.B. also left us a lot of games and Connect 4 battles continue to this day that began one Easter (not so long ago). I remember one year getting a travel version of Battleship and the many many many games that were played on that at the boat and in the car too.

It was a great holiday, always. And it has always been about light-hearted fun for my family. We really did have a lot of it and that’s where my awesome friends at Hasbro, and my new friends at Target Canada come in!

To help you with your Easter fun, we’re having an awesome giveaway here on the blog that is definitely E.B. approved for maximum fun!

Hasbro Target Hasbro Games

All that you see above is in the Hasbro and Target prize pack, and yes, a $50 gift card to the store (ask any of my friends where they can usually find me at least once a week) too for more Easter treats to help E.B. out a bit.

Some great games for the whole family including Connect 4 (again, the battles between my sis and I continue, she is the reigning champ), Twister, Mouse Trap (which I’m testing out with supervision from my cats who claim to be experts in the subject matter), Elefun and Friends Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Monopoly Junior,  and Disney Princess Pop-up Magic Castle Game.

To win the pack, leave me a comment here or on the Facebook page and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday, April 17th.

For the rest of us who are in a gaming mood, all Hasbro games are 30% off at Target until April 24th. I know there are a few more that I’m after so don’t be surprised if you see me there…I think the staff know me ;).

Keep Warm and Tweet-a-Coffee with @StarbucksCanada

It’s really really cold out this winter. And I know many have had it worse than me, so when I heard about Tweet-A-Coffee from Starbucks I jumped. What a perfect pick-me-up for the winter blues that I know I’ve experienced this year.

Now you can send a coffee or treat ($5) from Starbucks through twitter and your friend or family member can print it off (or use their smartphone and the app) to redeem it at their local shop. The snowy roads may keep us from seeing each other in person for coffee, but this way you can still share the warmth of a cup with your bestie or family member. And then of course you can tweet selfies back and forth of you both enjoying your treats, because you know that’s exactly what I’m going to do ;).

Here’s how you do it:

I’m going to try it out and send some coffee goodness to some friends, and I’d love to send some to you too! Leave me a note in the comments with your twitter handle (Sorry, for this one Canada only but it does also work in the US!)  and why you need a warm-up and perk-up and I just might send you one to enjoy too!