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Spring Party Tooth Sensitivity Tips

I have officially decided spring is upon us. I am also choosing to ignore the dire warnings for this week where I live of potential snowstorms and instead focus on the season that is just begging to fully arrive any moment…really, any moment now….how about now? Nope, not yet huh?

Alright, what we’ll do instead is plan ahead and daydream about the parties we’ll attend, and the treats we’ll have…and enjoy with some tips from my friends at ProNamel. I felt it important to go to the experts for us so we’re all set for maximum enjoyment.


I do, in fact, have sensitivity as a result of enamel loss and am a very long-time user of  Sensodyne and ProNamel. ‎At the bevvy of parties and fun gatherings a multitude of cocktails and assorted beverages make an appearance, from wine to hot apple cider and hot chocola te (still in season and lovely). What are ‘better’ choices and ‘less than ideal’ ones that might put a sour note on the event?

Beverages that are often served at parties like red wine, white wine, apple cider and hot chocolate are high in acidity and have the potential to cause long-term erosion and tooth wear. Other beverages that are high in acid include soft drinks, coffee and tonic water.

Interestingly enough, a recent survey conducted by GSK revealed that Canadians rank coffee and wine among their favourite beverages but the majority don’t realize that these beverages are acidic.

I try my darndest to eat a lot of fruits and veggies at  parties to offset a couple of treats. Are there any in particular I, and others like me, should avoid or gravitate towards in order to not eat too many of those craved sweets?

Fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cucumber, avocados, bananas which are many of our favourite foods are low in acid.

Fruit like blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, grapes, grapefruit, lemons, limes, pineapples, pomegranates, raspberries and strawberries are high in acidity.

But you don’t have to give up on your favourite appetizers. Canadians can still enjoy the foods they love without compromising the strength of their teeth. Utilizing proper oral hygiene techniques and using a toothpaste specifically designed to help protect against the effects of acid erosion can help to mitigate the harm done by acidic foods. Toothpastes such as ProNamel help strengthen and re-harden acid-weakened enamel making it healthy, stronger and better-protected so it’s more resistant to enamel loss and future Acid Wear, which could lead to sensitivity.

Chocolate? Cookies? Brittle candy? Cakes? Which are better ‘not so great’ choices?

Apart from the issue of introducing sugar to the teeth, the sweet items mentioned have other damaging effects.  Most of us are well aware of the benefits that cocoa provides.  However, chocolates may also contain caffeine which can exacerbate acid reflux for those suffering from the condition.  Therefore, for those people, eating chocolates in moderation would be the key to reducing acid challenges on the enamel.  Candies and cookies that are of hard consistency can introduce micro fractures in the enamel.   Furthermore, enamel that is already weakened by acid can fracture or simply chip away small portions at a time.  For this reason, hard foods such as brittle candies, nuts and hard candies should be avoided at all times.

I’ve heard that sometimes straws help with beverages, is that an option? Difficult with some drinks for sure, but perhaps with others it might work?

To help reduce the risk of enamel wear there are many things you can do. You can try reducing the amount of time that acids are in contact with the teeth. To minimize swirling, swishing or holding acidic drinks in your mouth, you can use a straw.

In addition to this, there are a few other tips to help protect against Acid Wear:

  • Make an appointment to see the dentist. They will be able to look at your teeth for early signs of Acid Wear and assess levels of risk likely from your diet and brushing habits.
  • Try not to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking acid foods and beverages, and make sure you’re using a soft bristled brush. Ideally wait 30 minutes before brushing.
  • Encourage children and teenagers to brush twice a day with a toothpaste like ProNamel to encourage good brushing habits and prevent future acid challenges.

Enamel loss is caused by acids acting on the tooth’s surface. In fact, as few as four acidic exposures a day can put tooth enamel at risk of Acid Wear. Each time teeth are exposed to acidic food or drinks, the acids can weaken the enamel as it loses minerals, making it easier for the enamel to wear away.

If enough of the enamel wears away the dentin layer becomes exposed and the nerve in the center of the tooth becomes susceptible to stimuli, resulting in a short, sharp pain caused by certain triggers, such as hot and cold foods and beverages.

ProNamel toothpaste builds up a protective barrier and insulates the nerve (with twice daily brushing) so you can keep enjoying hot and cold beverages.

Visit www.pronamel.ca for more information on Acid Wear, its effects and its causes.

Thank you to my friends at ProNamel for these wonderful tips and tricks to maximize our return to gatherings in warmer temps…which are coming…the groundhog said so…right? 😉

Get Your Family Game On with Hasbro


As my regular readers and friends know, in
our house, board games and games in general are always fun and special shared time.

So many memories of family time involve board games (Monopoly, Life, and Clue to name a few) and now with my husband and our friends we’ve built upon that with Taboo, Funny or Die and the classic and oh-so-fun Twister!

Going out is indeed great fun with friends, but staying in and playing some classic (and trying some new) board games is always a fun time.

How do the best games nights go? Well, as much as hubby and I enjoy actually playing against each other, having friends over definitely adds to the fun.

Our ingredients for a Great Games Night:
Invite some great friends (or of course, have the family over)
Plan some yummy snacks (see the book in the picture for tips)
Pick some great games
Let the fun begin!

Games where teams form are always fun, but so are board games, it all depends on the group at the time. A few favourite board games of ours are Clue, Minion Operation and of course Monopoly. And a new couple favourites for even more fun are Funny or Die and Taboo. Hubby and I admit, Taboo when we tried it out was immediately acquired.

The last long-weekend of the summer is upon us, and what better time to have your own games night than this.

Which games will you choose? What’s your favourite party snack? I’m thinking outdoor Twister followed by some Funny or Die and Taboo with ‘Itty Bitty BLT’s’ :).

Like, comment and share and you may just win a fantastic ‘Get Your Game On’ prize pack ;). ***Canada Only

Review & Christmas Reading Gift Idea for Kids

This fall I was fortunate enough to get to read Scott Clements’ final book in his Trip Montgomery series: The Protector of Peace.

The Protector of Peace Scott Clements

I personally adore this series and have from the start with Gasparilla’s Treasure and then The Forgotten Secret. The books are full of action and the characters are incredibly relatable. I constantly pictured one of my favourite childhood movies, The Goonies, in my mind’s eye while reading it. Scott’s career in the film industry is wonderfully apparent with his attention to detail and plot progression.

This last book in the trilogy brings the group (Trip, Sarah and Josh) together again as successful treasure hunters who have one more piece of the puzzle to solve.

What I also love about Scott’s books, and this series in particular, is how he incorporates history into the plots. Because of him, I want to learn more about Florida history. Honestly. This time he brings in Benjamin Franklin and the founding fathers of the U.S. as well as some beautiful tropical Florida backdrops. The kids race against time and a character called The Destroyer who is after them and the final piece of the puzzle.

They are now teamed up with someone new, but can they trust her? And what about the Triumvirate? Who is The Protector of Peace? All of this answered as you read about their adventure.

The Protector of Peace, and the entire trilogy, are available in paperback as well as digitally (for a wonderful last-minute digital surprise) on Amazon. A series that will have your middle-grade reader competing with you to see who can read it first, because I assure you, you will want to read the books too.

You can learn more about the series and Scott on his website here.

Happy reading!

The great Christmas shop has begun!

I freely admit it. I am beyond behind this year. Like, really, beyond behind in everything related to the holidays. I blame it on being sick since the end of September combined with a crazy schedule and a trip to the desert.

I have literally been non-stop trying to catch up from trying to catch up and failing because more stuff came up.

But I digress.

Time to put on my big girl pants and move on, the holidays are upon us and I have got to get moving.

This year is going to be all about simplicity and getting back to basics.

I’m having to redefine what Christmas essentials are and prioritize accordingly.

First up, my family Christmas is, gasp, tomorrow! Yes, I was the slightly panicked Aunt at the store tonight making sure I had something special for the kids. Thankfully I used my ‘back to basics’ strategy and it paid off. I went to my old faves: board games! I love them and my sister and I always played them as kids so I thought why not grab a couple for her kids to build memories with?

After debating between several favourites including Monopoly Junior and Hungry Hungry Hippos, I decided upon Chutes and Ladders and Minion Memory.

I have wonderful memories or both of these and no matter how old we get, these are fun to play.

So, phase one of Christmas is now complete. What is phase two you ask? Well, I need cards, need ideas for my hubby (more on that to come) and of course, I still need to decorate.

How are you managing? Have you started? Any advice for this Nonmom? 🙂

Hasbro Gaming Chutes and Ladders, Minion Memory

My Monopoly, that’s right, make your own Monoply is here!

Have you ever wished you could re-name some of the spots on your Monopoly board? Well, now you can, and complete with your own fun pictures too.

This latest incarnation of the popular game (one of my personal favourites I assure you) allows you to add your own photos to the property spaces and cards. It adds a whole new level when you can own ‘Dad’s man cave’ or ‘Mom’s dream kitchen’. In our house properties could range from owning race car teams to cat food factories (the furballs like to be involved after all lol).

A game that is truly timeless, I alone have probably 5 different versions of it and play them all, it really is fun for families and groups.

What I love is that nothing about the game is sacrificed, but now the capability is really there to have a true ‘Family Board’. This would be perfect for weddings, birthdays and more. I am really excited about it and debate has been active in our home on what to make the properties for us.

That’s where you come in, and as my thank you to you, and Hasbro too of course, you can win your very own My Monopoly!

What do you need to do to win? Simply suggest either a fun idea for a property for me, or your best idea for your future board by commenting here or on the Facebook page. I will randomly draw a winner, open to Canada only. Contest starts now and ends midnight my time (EST) on September 18th.

Review: #Transformers Toys from Hasbro

The new Transformers movie may have arrived in theaters a week ago, but you can already bring a piece of it home for the fan in your life with the toys from Hasbro.

Since the toys themselves are rather multi-generational, they come in different versions for different age groups, and what I love about the two lines is that there is no short-changing on fun with the younger age group’s toys.

Optimus Prime HasbroOptimus Prime Hasbro

The first line of for the younger kids (or, me), ‘Smash and Change’, is perfect for smaller hands and sacrifices nothing in the level of fun for the kids. As you can see from the pictures, the detail is very well done, and the toys are very durable too (also important for smaller hands).

And I would also like to mention the packaging. It has a retro feel to it, and frankly, that made me smile as I grew up with the original Transformers and this is VERY reminiscent of them. But I digress. 😉

Next up is the 16-step Dinobot Slug figure from the Transformers Generations Deluxe Class line. Obviously this one is aimed at an older crowd, 8 and up, and had smaller parts and a slightly more complicated level of play to it. The 16-step process may sound intimidating (it did to me), but I am constantly amazed at how quickly the kids can transform these toys. So, I wouldn’t worry too much ;).

There is also an app for an added level of play that mom and dad can check out on iPhone and Android for to add to the fun. I really like that Hasbro takes this extra step with several of their lines so that the combination of tactile and digital play are both present. The generation coming up are so ingrained with technology that I think this will gain and hold their interest. It’s all about balance.

The toys are in-store now and ready to play with the munchkins in your life :).

On a fun note, who is your favourite Transformer? I admit it, I’m a Bumblebee girl to the core 😉


Give Good Energy with Starbucks Refreshers this Summer

Summer is so short and we have a lot to pack into it don’t we? I know my weekends are almost booked up already…and summer doesn’t officially launch until this Saturday! Wowzers!

To keep our energy levels up (in a natural way) so we can maximize our fun, Starbucks has brought their Refreshers to stores just in time! They have an improved flavour and are made with real fruit juice, B vitamins and naturally occurring caffeine from green coffee bean extract. For the calorie conscious (including myself) they have 90 per can, which I’m good with. Also the price, $2.99, not bad. Offered in Raspberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemonade (my fave so far) and Blueberry Acai, there’s sure to be one to suit your taste.


Starbucks RefreshersBut that’s not all that Starbucks is up to this summer!

The campaign is ‘Give Good Energy’ or #GoodEnergy, and the purpose is to engage Canadians with positivity every day. We all need that in our lives and it really does make a difference to hear positive words. I know that on MANY occasions when I’ve felt a little down, simply smiling or being smiled at makes a massive difference to me.

To further this Starbucks is encouraging Canadians to follow their Starbucks Refreshers Give Good Energy board on Pinterest which will be full of inspirational quotes and such. There are some good ones on there, I checked ;).

There’s also an automated weekly boost of Good Energy that you can subscribe to via text. I did. Simply text GOOD to 39393 (POSITIVE in Quebec), and on Mondays at 3pm you’ll get an inspirational text sent to you. Let’s face it, we all need that on a Monday, myself included.

And to help us along with this, Starbucks and myself are having an inspirational, energizing giveaway!

The “Starbucks Refreshers Good Energy On-The-Go Gift Pack” (approximate value $150) includes a variety of must-haves for a daily dose of inspiration and good energy on-the-go, such as:

·               All three flavours of Ready-to-drink Starbucks Refreshers™

·               Personal Journal

·               Yoga mat

·               Inspirational quote tote

·               Refreshing body mist

·               Lip balm

·               Portable cell phone charger

·               Moist towelettes

·               Ear buds

·               And much more!

Want to win it? Simply leave me a comment here and tell me what inspires and motivates you or how you perk up when you’re needing energy. Open to Canucks only, the winner will be randomly drawn by Nonmom on June 22nd and notified by email.

Here’s one to get your started, my personal mantra is to put one foot in front of the other and you will get there. It has served me well and continues to. Let’s inspire each other!


Review: Star Wars Black Series from Hasbro

I was very lucky to be home when this box arrived since I suspect if it had been my hubby, I may not have seen the box, it would have disappeared into the basement aka man cave ;).

That’s right, not only is the next  Star Wars movie in pre-production overseas, with the original cast too (Squee!!!), but the Black Series by Hasbro are out and wow, within minutes of posting about them on my personal Facebook page the comments were flying!

Star Wars Black Series Hasbro

DISCLAIMER: Due to the BEGGING of my friends/random people who saw the pictures, no, the boxes have not been actually opened. I fear for people showing up at my door and calling me a ‘Nerfhearder’ ;).

The series are incredibly detailed and I can tell you in all honesty (and this comes from a serious fan) that Luke and Han actually look like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. It’s pretty cool actually.  They come in two sizes, the 6-inch and the 3.75-inch and cover all of the movies, I even got Mara Jade as a sample. Also Darth Plagueis, who I’m told is a hard one to find ;).

For fans of the original three movies (myself included, I’m a purist, it’s gotta be the actual original ones, I don’t personally like the added effects…but that’s me), the figures will immediately take you back to the sands of Tatooine and the first Death Star battle. For fans overall (I know there’s one or two out there LOL), they haven’t left anyone out and no one could be disappointed with either size figure as the detail and attention to it is amazing.

Two of my favourite details:

1) The colouring of the figures. What I mean by that is you can actually see a colouration where ‘sand’ would be on the characters from battle. You can even see the wrinkles that would naturally occur on their costumes.

2) The lightsabers aren’t a solid painted ‘stick’ like they were when I was a kid, they’re see-through and ‘glow’ when in the light as a result. It’s a little detail, but it’s important to me (and I’m sure a lot of other fans of the franchise).

Now you can bring the adventures and epic battles of the Jedi, Sith, Imperials and Rebels to your home for the young and young at heart with incredible detail that is sure to please collectors and enthusiasts alike. The figures are in-stores now (I know, I checked last weekend when I was out).

May The Force Be With You…Always ;).

Review: Helping out the Easter Bunny with #Hasbro!

Easter is coming and I can hardly wait! I have wonderful memories of the holiday and now that I’ve re-made myself, I look for alternatives to the sweet treats, but  admit I do crave one or two still. 😉

My awesome friends at Hasbro have come up with some great ideas for helping out the Bunny this weekend and first up we have Butterscotch from the FurReal Friends line. A very sweet pony for the aspiring rider or plain old horse lover in the house, she walks, makes the cutest sounds and comes with her own brush for grooming, a cute clip and a pet care guide.

FurReal Butterscotch, Hasbro

Next up are the Marvel Super Hero Mashers. These are super-cool for the super-hero fan in your life as all of the parts of the figures are interchangeable! You can actually build, and re-build, your very own ultimate hero. Me, I’d use Spidey’s head, Captain America’s torso, Hulk’s legs and Iron Man’s arms. I think that would be cool. 😉

Marvel Superhero Mashers, Hasbro

And finally, one for the whole family: Mouse Trap! Bright colours, durable parts and the cute Elefun mice Nacho, Pepper and Sneakers all come together for some fun. Whoever traps one of the mice first wins, and what a cool trap it is incorporating characters and even a boot! It’s uber-cute and sure to bring lots of smiles.

Mouse Trap game, Hasbro, Elefun

I’m a big believer in family time at holidays, and in general, and spending time working together designing the ultimate super-hero, walking a pony and indeed trapping some critters sounds like a great way to spend this one to me.

Happy Easter to all!

Easter Excitement with Target and Hasbro and Nonmom, Oh My!

Easter is coming and I must admit, it’s one of my favourite holidays. It always has been. I think I’ve told you about the strategy sessions and house divisions my sister and I applied to our egg-hunts. We had an absolute blast, and so did mom and dad watching us. Now the training has begun with her kids, poor bunny had a brief reprieve but now we’re training the next generation ;).

But it wasn’t just about the hunt, E.B. was always kind to us and we got a toy or two as well. E.B. also left us a lot of games and Connect 4 battles continue to this day that began one Easter (not so long ago). I remember one year getting a travel version of Battleship and the many many many games that were played on that at the boat and in the car too.

It was a great holiday, always. And it has always been about light-hearted fun for my family. We really did have a lot of it and that’s where my awesome friends at Hasbro, and my new friends at Target Canada come in!

To help you with your Easter fun, we’re having an awesome giveaway here on the blog that is definitely E.B. approved for maximum fun!

Hasbro Target Hasbro Games

All that you see above is in the Hasbro and Target prize pack, and yes, a $50 gift card to the store (ask any of my friends where they can usually find me at least once a week) too for more Easter treats to help E.B. out a bit.

Some great games for the whole family including Connect 4 (again, the battles between my sis and I continue, she is the reigning champ), Twister, Mouse Trap (which I’m testing out with supervision from my cats who claim to be experts in the subject matter), Elefun and Friends Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Monopoly Junior,  and Disney Princess Pop-up Magic Castle Game.

To win the pack, leave me a comment here or on the Facebook page and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday, April 17th.

For the rest of us who are in a gaming mood, all Hasbro games are 30% off at Target until April 24th. I know there are a few more that I’m after so don’t be surprised if you see me there…I think the staff know me ;).