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Get Your Family Game On with Hasbro


As my regular readers and friends know, in
our house, board games and games in general are always fun and special shared time.

So many memories of family time involve board games (Monopoly, Life, and Clue to name a few) and now with my husband and our friends we’ve built upon that with Taboo, Funny or Die and the classic and oh-so-fun Twister!

Going out is indeed great fun with friends, but staying in and playing some classic (and trying some new) board games is always a fun time.

How do the best games nights go? Well, as much as hubby and I enjoy actually playing against each other, having friends over definitely adds to the fun.

Our ingredients for a Great Games Night:
Invite some great friends (or of course, have the family over)
Plan some yummy snacks (see the book in the picture for tips)
Pick some great games
Let the fun begin!

Games where teams form are always fun, but so are board games, it all depends on the group at the time. A few favourite board games of ours are Clue, Minion Operation and of course Monopoly. And a new couple favourites for even more fun are Funny or Die and Taboo. Hubby and I admit, Taboo when we tried it out was immediately acquired.

The last long-weekend of the summer is upon us, and what better time to have your own games night than this.

Which games will you choose? What’s your favourite party snack? I’m thinking outdoor Twister followed by some Funny or Die and Taboo with ‘Itty Bitty BLT’s’ :).

Like, comment and share and you may just win a fantastic ‘Get Your Game On’ prize pack ;). ***Canada Only


It’s #MLPFriendshipDay! Celebrate by spreading the word and the spirit of friendship.

Today we celebrate something that I just adore and think is the loveliest thing ever: International Day of Friendship with My Little Pony and #MLPFriendshipDay!


I have always loved My Little Pony and still have my originals…obviously I’m a believer in the ‘never grow up’ theory of life :). The ponies are all about the power of friendship and the day is all about the same. My family of course has had a massive impact on who I’ve become in life, but so have my friends. They mean the world to me and even though I may not see all of them as much as I want to, they know I’m always thinking of them all and I’m there for them and vice-versa. The ponies and their friendships pass on such positive messages to kids, and I love that.

Friendship is powerful and My Little Pony and Hasbro are happy to celebrate it and further it with fun. When you go to the official page for Friendship Day here: http://mylittlepony.hasbro.com/en-us/friendshipday you will see some wonderful and heartwarming activities and lessons that correspond to the pony personalities. As a bookworm, I’m partial to Twilight Sparkle and her sharing of the magic of education, but Fluttershy and her helping of animals also touches my heart as I am a proud cat mommy to three all adopted from shelters. The site has activities and ideas broken down by pony into these segments and more and encourages the spreading of friendship through them.

To help celebrate this wonderful day, we’re having a very special giveaway too. To qualify, we have two levels:

1. Tell me about your BFF and why they are so special to you.


2. Pick a Pony activity on the website and tell me why you chose it and what you’re going to do. Donate a book, take your dog for a walk, it doesn’t have to be complicated, every little step counts in my books. Share a picture of it to encourage others to do the same.

Bonus entries if you do both.

You can enter here or on the Facebook page, open to Canuck Pony fans only, and what a lovely prize pack it is! It includes treats from the Friendship is Magic line as well as a lovely PJ set and water bottle with a retail value of approximately $100!

I will notify the winner who will be notified after this closes on August 15th to give lots of time for projects to take place.

The power of friendship and its impact is bigger than any one individual, and a little bit goes a very long way. Let’s all celebrate and spread the positivity of it today for the big day, and everyday and I bet the world would be a whole lot happier if we did :). Happy International Friendship Day from me to you!

Monopoly Turns the Big 8-0!

It’s well into a frigid so far 2015 and one way to deal with this (in fact my favourite as it avoids it altogether) is to have a games night with friends or family (or both!).

Which game to choose? That’s always a fun decision to make, and here’s a fun fact that might just help you out: This is the year that the mustached moneymaker Mr. Monopoly turns the big 8-0.

I know, I know, I agree, he doesn’t look a day over 60, but he, and the game, are in fact in their 8th decade of buying and selling hot properties and building business empires.

Hasbro Monopoly

Given that at this very moment there are seven different Monopoly boards in our home (plus we have it for PS3 and Wii), hearing about the 80th edition definitely got our attention.

The games night planning (and Mr. Monopoly’s birthday party planning) began and four aspiring tycoons and their tokens took to the board.

What’s awesome about this edition and why it deserves a place on your shelf starts with the tokens themselves. There are 8 and each represents a decade of the game. I of course decided to try out the newest of the bunch, the cat, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I won Free Parking a couple times, but spent a fair amount of time in jail too. Nevertheless, much fun was had.

The board, cards, Monopoly money and even the houses and hotels have a lovely ‘art deco’ look and feel to them (the hotels and houses are wooden and so cool!).

We played a great game with great friends (and the snacks were good too), there is just something about this particular game and fun times. I suspect that we will be celebrating his birthday several more times this year ;).

The edition is now in stores and is well-worth a look.

With all of the different versions and variations on play, which is your favourite house rule?

The great Christmas shop has begun!

I freely admit it. I am beyond behind this year. Like, really, beyond behind in everything related to the holidays. I blame it on being sick since the end of September combined with a crazy schedule and a trip to the desert.

I have literally been non-stop trying to catch up from trying to catch up and failing because more stuff came up.

But I digress.

Time to put on my big girl pants and move on, the holidays are upon us and I have got to get moving.

This year is going to be all about simplicity and getting back to basics.

I’m having to redefine what Christmas essentials are and prioritize accordingly.

First up, my family Christmas is, gasp, tomorrow! Yes, I was the slightly panicked Aunt at the store tonight making sure I had something special for the kids. Thankfully I used my ‘back to basics’ strategy and it paid off. I went to my old faves: board games! I love them and my sister and I always played them as kids so I thought why not grab a couple for her kids to build memories with?

After debating between several favourites including Monopoly Junior and Hungry Hungry Hippos, I decided upon Chutes and Ladders and Minion Memory.

I have wonderful memories or both of these and no matter how old we get, these are fun to play.

So, phase one of Christmas is now complete. What is phase two you ask? Well, I need cards, need ideas for my hubby (more on that to come) and of course, I still need to decorate.

How are you managing? Have you started? Any advice for this Nonmom? 🙂

Hasbro Gaming Chutes and Ladders, Minion Memory

Review: Baby Alive: My Baby All Gone from #Hasbro

‎The new Baby Alive: My Baby All Gone was sent to me to check out from my friends at Hasbro and I must tell you, she is adorable in her little pink dress and adorable pigtails.

Baby Alive Hasbro

She speaks over 30 phrases and, with a touch to her little pink bracelet she can change between English and French.

My Baby All Gone comes with an adorable little spoon and bowl and sippy cup, as well as some mixable food and a couple of diapers…you’ll need those as she is is a very lifelike doll.

Baby Alive Hasbro

When my adorable mini-me nephew was anticipating the arrival of my adorable niece, he was wanting to learn and help his mommy. Baby Alive would be perfect for that situation, and of course, for the ‘Little Mommy Helper’ in general.

‎I love how sweet she looks and those big eyes, they’re adorable. I also love that she is also available in a different skin tone. I really think that’s important so little mommy’s (and little daddy’s too) can culturally identify with the dolls.

Her little accessories mimic the same ones the kids are probably still using (in some cases) and again this gives another point of commonality and realism as the kids can ‘teach’ their doll what they already know.

I just adore dolls in general, I had a few cherished ones as a kid too, and the thought that has gone into this one, so special.

She is in stores now and looking for her special homes and hearts to warm :).

Baby Alive Hasbro

My Monopoly, that’s right, make your own Monoply is here!

Have you ever wished you could re-name some of the spots on your Monopoly board? Well, now you can, and complete with your own fun pictures too.

This latest incarnation of the popular game (one of my personal favourites I assure you) allows you to add your own photos to the property spaces and cards. It adds a whole new level when you can own ‘Dad’s man cave’ or ‘Mom’s dream kitchen’. In our house properties could range from owning race car teams to cat food factories (the furballs like to be involved after all lol).

A game that is truly timeless, I alone have probably 5 different versions of it and play them all, it really is fun for families and groups.

What I love is that nothing about the game is sacrificed, but now the capability is really there to have a true ‘Family Board’. This would be perfect for weddings, birthdays and more. I am really excited about it and debate has been active in our home on what to make the properties for us.

That’s where you come in, and as my thank you to you, and Hasbro too of course, you can win your very own My Monopoly!

What do you need to do to win? Simply suggest either a fun idea for a property for me, or your best idea for your future board by commenting here or on the Facebook page. I will randomly draw a winner, open to Canada only. Contest starts now and ends midnight my time (EST) on September 18th.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Toys!

Guardians of the Galaxy launched into theaters a little over a week ago and if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s my review on The Ranting Ginger, the short version: go see it. 😉

But here’s the fun part, you can also bring the movie home with the awesome toys from my friends at Hasbro.

And I assure you these appeal to all ages…my husband can’t stop playing with them…no I’m not kidding. 😉

First up we have hubby’s favourite thing to play with, Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon…complete with blaster and sound effects. He also moves when he shoots. It’s a riot. See hubby’s grin…it hasn’t gone away.

Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon Hasbro

Rocket’s blaster lights up and he comes with many different phrases straight from the movie.

Next up is the Rocket Raccoon mask. But it’s not just a mask…when you put it on (I tried it out) and move the jaw up and down the ears wiggle too! It’s really cool and perfect for the superhero (young or experienced) in your life. I am confident I will find out at some point that my hubby has worn it to work and startled someone ;).


Finally we have the Rocket Raccoon Warbird…complete with Rocket Raccoon figure. The wings pivot and it’s great fun for all ages.


And now for the official reviews from my husband who admittedly seems to play with these a lot:

Nonmom: What do you think of the Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon as a fun toy?

NonDad: I am Groot. (Translation: It’s awesome!!!)

Nonmom: What do you think of the Rocket Raccoon mask?

NonDad: I am Groot! (Translation: It rocks and I am looking forward to wearing it to random events.)

Nonmom: What do you think of the Warbird?

NonDad: I am GROOT! (Translation: I look forward to taking over the world with this toy.)

Nonmom: My final word on the movie,toys and soundtrack: I am GROOOOT! (Translation: Go see the movie and oh my the toys are far too much fun to play with for all ages!)