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This is what we were feeling like last weekend when I even managed to get out for not one, but two outdoor runs…in Southern Ontario.


So I was feeling pretty confident in the groundhog who informed us by not running away from his shadow a few weeks ago that spring was indeed coming.

Then this happened. Don’t let the happy heart shapes fool you, it’s cold and wet and miserable.


Overall, I am absolutely not complaining about this winter. It has plain and simply rocked and after last year when it was just unbearably awful. Seriously, I think I wore a minimum of 3 layers every day for around 8 weeks straight (or more) and I still couldn’t get warm enough.

So, I thank Mother Nature for the warm ‘winter’ we’ve had this year…but that groundhog has 2 more weeks ’til I best be seeing green again. I’ll be cheering his prediction on let me tell you. #GoGroundhog #BringOnSpring

Until then, stay warm, and cheer along with me…it can’t hurt…and it may in fact keep up warm in the interim 😉

What munchkin time means to me as a Non

I am ‘Aunty’ to many and actual Aunt to a few and it is a title I cherish.

Last year my darling wonderful niece and nephew (aka my BFF’s kids) moved to another province and as my BFF knows all too well, I was brokenhearted. I managed to say goodbye to Miss (and cried the entire way home after), but I couldn’t hold it together to say goodbye to Mister so I begged her to say goodbye for me (thank goodness he was 4 at the time so to him it wasn’t as big of a deal LOL).

I got to see all of them again a couple of weeks ago and I was beyond elated. So was Miss, and then Mister once he remembered me again.

We arrived late so didn’t get to see everyone until the morning, but it was all I could do to stay in bed and not run out and hug them all once morning came. To me it was like the feeling I got as a child on Christmas morning all over again. And when I did sneak out to surprise Miss and my BFF, it was beyond fantastic.

A full-week of my BFF and the kids, I was ready and enjoyed every single moment I assure you. Hugs every morning and lots of quality fun time with all, yup, it really was like Christmas for me (and I hope them too a bit). We went on day trips, we sat and snuggled. My BFF and I caught up and on our day to ourselves, it was like time had stood still and the nuttiness picked up right where we left off. This is the power of this friendship and my adoration for my niece and nephew.


My BFF and I: Reunited!

When you see that I have their pictures up at work and at home you can be assured I look at them often, these are things I cherish. I have them with my actual niece and nephews pictures too, the kids in my life matter to me, all of the munchkins in my life matter to me.

When I’m given a picture they’ve coloured (even some of my Sparks girls give me artwork) I save it and I do show it off. I think that surprises people, but for me, since I don’t get that everyday, I adore it.

This time I managed to hold myself together to say goodbye to my BFF and the kids (I know she’s proud of that) and after SEVERAL hugs and starting the countdown to next time, they left.

I miss them terribly, but I have the pictures and the memories…and there’s always Skype too ;).

Embracing Change

This year did not exactly start off well and seemed to get a lot worse before it started to get a little bit better.

It was rough, my stress levels went back up, my hours of sleep went down and my anxiety, well, let’s just say I really needed the weather to warm up so I could take it out on the pavement.

I’m on the cusp of a massive change to my life, a major job change. I wasn’t expecting it, I really wasn’t, and when it came I was excited and nervous equally. I am truly one of the luckiest girls in the world when it comes to my bosses. I had to disappoint one and it almost broke my heart. Hence why he naiively thinks he’s rid of me, but I’ll be checking in on him, no way am I letting him off the hook that easily ;). I’ve just had 5 of the awesomest years with him and never laughed so much and had so much fun creating my little niche and helping him.

And my new-ish boss, well, he rocks too! I’m very excited to start this new chapter of my life and share it all with you. I’ll be a lot closer to home so my beautiful fur-babies are very excited to be my regular lunch dates (well, if they feel like getting up, they need 18 hours of sleep per day after all LOL).

This is why you haven’t heard as much from me of late, but expect lots more now with so many new things coming my way, and yours!

Change is scary for sure, but it’s something we all have to deal with. I’m choosing to embrace it and move forward…with the occasional look to check on things of course ;).

Race Week is Here & I’m a Nervous Wreck

Yup, the countdown is really truly seriously on now. My next race is a mere 7 days away (well, less now) and my nerves are already setting in. Of course that could also be something to do with the fact I’m not sleeping well at the moment, but I think a lot is nerves for sure.

On the weekend I did a practice run/walk along the route with my BFF and it went well with the exception being that I didn’t hydrate enough (my nemesis) and I’m still in recovery-mode from that as I type actually. Doing the route definitely helped me because now I have a visual of what I’m going to be doing, I need that, it really helps me focus. Even with it being a practice we shaved off almost 4 minutes from the last race we did together back in the spring. I was pleased with that.

Frustratingly, my shoes are done. Yeah. A week before the race. Ok, they could probably last one more week, but even with my brand-new insoles in them, I admit, my legs took a bit of abuse on the weekend and since I still have a little bit more training needed this week, I think I may be picking up new ones asap.

But on a bright note, my Garmin watch (I love this toy, it’s my fave thing) performed perfectly, so did my Sparkle Skirt (I did  a full-gear check, I don’t like surprises) and I know I am NOT carrying a big bottle the whole run, that was a pain. I’ll set up for hubby to be my water-guy (I’ve even scouted a spot for him) and everything will rock.

10k, totally doable.

Now to keep pre-hydrating…..

Happy Monday all!

Mission Reclaim the House Update

You’ve no doubt noticed a trend in my posts lately and that they’re about my spring cleaning efforts. The reason is two-fold.

1. It is according to the calendar anyway, apparently spring

2. I need a way to make myself accountable and actually really get this done

My happy little townhouse was once spotless (well, for the most part) and also clutter-free.

Then I met my hubby, sorry dear, and then my parents and his mom both downsized at roughly the same time. We had a fully furnished place, now we have too much and I have been paring it down for several years. It has been a very hard process and I reached my breaking point this year. I simply cannot take it anymore and that’s it it has to be finished so I can move forward again. I keep getting stuck, but I find by taking a breather (as mentioned in a previous post below) I am able to re-focus and make serious progress.

Having certain deadlines also helps. This week I have the Diabetes Clothesline program coming on Thursday morning so on the weekend I tripled my efforts so that I can get as much out to them as possible. It’s good stuff in a lot of cases, and I would rather see benefit than waste from it so that’s why I donate.

This weekend’s tasks completed included:

  • Having our friend pick up the extra serving ware I had for his new place
  • Dusting done
  • Vaccuuming done
  • 2 bathrooms cleaned (the third is my temporary space for all of the stuff that is going this week)
  • Kitchen cupboards, floor, stove and small appliances wiped down. I have now got tea towels covering my coveted KitchenAid Mixer (I call her Mixie LOL) and my breadmaker to avoid build up of dust etc. when not in use.
  • Clothes sorted by hubby from pile I made for him and he also sorted his magazines (let’s just say the recycling guys are going to do a double-take this week at how many bins we fill)
  • Drapes in master bedroom mostly de-furred (the joys of white cats and dark blue drapes). I discovered that with a damp sponge, a bag and a whole lot of patience that you can get them clean again.

Am I done yet? Nope. But does the house look and actually feel better? You bet!
 How goes your efforts?

Nonmom’s Me Time

Hi there!

I know, I’ve been MIA, but I have several good reasons that can be summarized as ‘I’ve been swamped’. And really, that is actually a good thing, it means I have a lot to do and I’m doing it and things are moving forward after that slump called the February blah’s.

I’m trying to get out walking more, which isn’t always possible,  but I try to fit them in when I can, and I’m working more…which I really love. I am the person who cannot sit still. Ask my husband. I literally feel guilty when I sit and take ‘me’ time. Ridiculous I know, but I do and that’s something I’m working on too.

I’ve also changed up  my ‘me’ time a bit. My time to myself for doing things I love is now being spent doing things. Like I mentioned above, I’m walking more (gotta train for the season!) and I’m also helping out at Sparks (the youngest tier in Girl Guides) and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to that time. The girls are wonderful and as I was a Brownie and Guide myself as a girl, when Jackie invited me out I jumped at the chance. I have not been disappointed.

How is this ‘me’ time? I think for me I have to change the definition a bit. My time for me doesn’t need to be just sitting like a lump (although that is required sometimes and I don’t knock it), rather it can be giving back to myself and others. Those things both make me feel better overall and really, isn’t that the point of it all?

To clear my head and relax my new favourite solution is to lace up, put on my fave playlist on my Blackberry and hit the pavement. ***Note: These are words that have never been associated with me before LOL*** and for those moments I freely admit I have where I wish I could partake in some of the fun stuff that my parent friends get to do, I now have Sparks and get to help give the girls an hour of fun and positive messages.

How do you spend your ‘me ‘ time?

Telling MY @WeightWatchers Story on One Amazing Day

As I have gone through the whole process and am continuing on the journey as a much lighter and happier version of my former self, when I was asked to speak at Weight Watchers ‘One Amazing Day’ last weekend I jumped at the chance.

I am a very nervous before speaking in public at any time, but since this I think turned out rather well I thought I’d share it with you all.

I’m still kinda proud of me 😉