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Get Your Family Game On with Hasbro


As my regular readers and friends know, in
our house, board games and games in general are always fun and special shared time.

So many memories of family time involve board games (Monopoly, Life, and Clue to name a few) and now with my husband and our friends we’ve built upon that with Taboo, Funny or Die and the classic and oh-so-fun Twister!

Going out is indeed great fun with friends, but staying in and playing some classic (and trying some new) board games is always a fun time.

How do the best games nights go? Well, as much as hubby and I enjoy actually playing against each other, having friends over definitely adds to the fun.

Our ingredients for a Great Games Night:
Invite some great friends (or of course, have the family over)
Plan some yummy snacks (see the book in the picture for tips)
Pick some great games
Let the fun begin!

Games where teams form are always fun, but so are board games, it all depends on the group at the time. A few favourite board games of ours are Clue, Minion Operation and of course Monopoly. And a new couple favourites for even more fun are Funny or Die and Taboo. Hubby and I admit, Taboo when we tried it out was immediately acquired.

The last long-weekend of the summer is upon us, and what better time to have your own games night than this.

Which games will you choose? What’s your favourite party snack? I’m thinking outdoor Twister followed by some Funny or Die and Taboo with ‘Itty Bitty BLT’s’ :).

Like, comment and share and you may just win a fantastic ‘Get Your Game On’ prize pack ;). ***Canada Only


Monopoly Turns the Big 8-0!

It’s well into a frigid so far 2015 and one way to deal with this (in fact my favourite as it avoids it altogether) is to have a games night with friends or family (or both!).

Which game to choose? That’s always a fun decision to make, and here’s a fun fact that might just help you out: This is the year that the mustached moneymaker Mr. Monopoly turns the big 8-0.

I know, I know, I agree, he doesn’t look a day over 60, but he, and the game, are in fact in their 8th decade of buying and selling hot properties and building business empires.

Hasbro Monopoly

Given that at this very moment there are seven different Monopoly boards in our home (plus we have it for PS3 and Wii), hearing about the 80th edition definitely got our attention.

The games night planning (and Mr. Monopoly’s birthday party planning) began and four aspiring tycoons and their tokens took to the board.

What’s awesome about this edition and why it deserves a place on your shelf starts with the tokens themselves. There are 8 and each represents a decade of the game. I of course decided to try out the newest of the bunch, the cat, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I won Free Parking a couple times, but spent a fair amount of time in jail too. Nevertheless, much fun was had.

The board, cards, Monopoly money and even the houses and hotels have a lovely ‘art deco’ look and feel to them (the hotels and houses are wooden and so cool!).

We played a great game with great friends (and the snacks were good too), there is just something about this particular game and fun times. I suspect that we will be celebrating his birthday several more times this year ;).

The edition is now in stores and is well-worth a look.

With all of the different versions and variations on play, which is your favourite house rule?

Easter Excitement with Target and Hasbro and Nonmom, Oh My!

Easter is coming and I must admit, it’s one of my favourite holidays. It always has been. I think I’ve told you about the strategy sessions and house divisions my sister and I applied to our egg-hunts. We had an absolute blast, and so did mom and dad watching us. Now the training has begun with her kids, poor bunny had a brief reprieve but now we’re training the next generation ;).

But it wasn’t just about the hunt, E.B. was always kind to us and we got a toy or two as well. E.B. also left us a lot of games and Connect 4 battles continue to this day that began one Easter (not so long ago). I remember one year getting a travel version of Battleship and the many many many games that were played on that at the boat and in the car too.

It was a great holiday, always. And it has always been about light-hearted fun for my family. We really did have a lot of it and that’s where my awesome friends at Hasbro, and my new friends at Target Canada come in!

To help you with your Easter fun, we’re having an awesome giveaway here on the blog that is definitely E.B. approved for maximum fun!

Hasbro Target Hasbro Games

All that you see above is in the Hasbro and Target prize pack, and yes, a $50 gift card to the store (ask any of my friends where they can usually find me at least once a week) too for more Easter treats to help E.B. out a bit.

Some great games for the whole family including Connect 4 (again, the battles between my sis and I continue, she is the reigning champ), Twister, Mouse Trap (which I’m testing out with supervision from my cats who claim to be experts in the subject matter), Elefun and Friends Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Monopoly Junior,  and Disney Princess Pop-up Magic Castle Game.

To win the pack, leave me a comment here or on the Facebook page and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday, April 17th.

For the rest of us who are in a gaming mood, all Hasbro games are 30% off at Target until April 24th. I know there are a few more that I’m after so don’t be surprised if you see me there…I think the staff know me ;).

Review: Monopoly Empire

Last weekend hubby and I finally got a night where we were both in the same place at that same time (it’s been a crazy fall), and we had been dying to crack open the box for the new Monopoly Empire game, so we did.

Monopoly Empire Hasbro

We are big Monopoly fans, we even spent about a day and a half just playing Monopoly’s version for the Wii a couple of Christmases ago, it was perfection.

This is a new version, but it doesn’t lose any of the feel of the original, in fact, we were both really impressed.

The object of the game isn’t to bankrupt your opponents this time, it’s to fill your tower to the top first! We of course modified the rules so that we put our property/brand money in the middle and it went to free parking (hubby won it).  Instead of properties, you buy brands, which we really thought was cool, and even the game pieces were based upon that. I was the Coke bottle, hubby was the Chevy Corvette.

The game has nice twists and turns that definitely keep you on your toes, but things like jail and money for passing go (which this time the amount is determined by how far up your tower you are with brands) remain.

Monopoly Empire Hasbro

We played just the two of us and enjoyed the pace, but with a full contingent, we could easily see this being a fun night with friends.

A great potential present for the aspiring business mogul in your family or circle, we REALLY REALLY enjoyed it.

*Note I did receive the game in order to review it, but all opinions are mine and Nondad’s*

Review: Minion Monopoly from #Hasbro

Minion MonopolyMore fun has been had with the Minions, this time, Monopoly style!

I love board games, there is nothing more fun on a summer night in than playing a good old board game, for me it evokes memories of my childhood and teen years up North. Love it!

Monopoly is one of the great classic games and it is now timeless because of this constant evolution which makes it accessible to even more audiences. Obviously, this versio is for the Minion and Despicable Me fans. And it’s really cute! And fun.

NonDad and I gave it a play the other night and even us, two adults (and there are days I use that term loosely), had a great time with it. This one is targeted towards the younger age group, but it’s still Monopoly, but on a level that’s a little easier for them to understand and enjoy.

As you can see in the pic the board is a little different, it actually assembles with the box, and to add some fun and whimsy to it, the properties reflect the movie and characters. Even the chance cards are based on the movie, it’s all very cute and fun.

Even using the Minions as your playing pieces is fun (I of course chose Tutu Stuart) and instead of a die, you spin a Minion on essentially a top and what number he lands on, you move that number of places. Even the board assembles with the box, it’s cute. It’s easy for the kids and still fun for the grown-ups too.

Overall, well done on blending Monopoly with Minions and staying true to the game. It’s fun for kids and adults! Check it out for a fun night in 🙂

Family Day Weekend Ideas!

I realize I’m a NonMom, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish family time with NonDad and our kids, the furballs. Believe it or not but our cats actually do seem to enjoy time with the two of us, of course that could also go along with their plots to take over the house and when we’re in the same room it’s easier to keep an eye on us, but that’s beside the point, we do enjoy family time!

Coming up is the relatively new holiday in Ontario deemed ‘Family Day’ and there are activities taking place all over, but some of us like to spend time together in simpler ways like being at home and enjoying being comfy in our comfy clothes and watching movies or playing games.

NonDad and I are board game fans so I know I’ll be pulling out our favourites such as Monopoly (though we may play the Wii version again since we both loved it so much), Scrabble, Battleship Live (we love the recon jet!), Clue (We have both the classic and the uber-cool Harry Potter edition where you travel by Floo powder!) and maybe some good old Cribbage. We love card games, we even have a cribbage table, you use golf tees to move, it’s awesome. In fact, this past Sunday we spent several wonderful and relaxing hours playing Monopoly on the Wii. We now both have the Potato Head’s as our tokens, much laughter ensued.

Family time is important, we all need a break from the hectic every day and a check back to what really matters and who we are working for, us. Hubby and I work opposite schedules more often than not and sometimes it’s nice to just sit beside each other and chat. And I must say, since the switch over to digital we no longer have a tv working in the dining room so we do talk more and connect. It’s nice.

And who knows, we could get some ‘white stuff’ possibly showing up so it may be a perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy a taste of winter too.

Really, it’s all about taking a breather, spending time with loved ones and having some fun!


Review & Great Idea For New Year’s: Monopoly Streets for Wii

In the past couple of years I’ve noticed that my hubby and I, and indeed a lot of our friends, are all going back to playing good old board games again. They were always so much fun, why we took a brief break I’ll never know, but the games seem to have forgiven us and welcomed us back with open arms and more fun than ever!
I was sent a copy of the new Monopoly Streets for the Wii (but it is available for other platforms, I happen to have a Wii) to review and NonDad and I popped it in the console and have pretty much been playing it every day. We’ve even managed to finish off the rechargeable battery pack on one remote so we’re temporarily back to batteries ;).
The graphics are great, so is the animation. You can play classic Monopoly or even modify the rules (and we all know different people have different ‘house rules’) to your familiar style.
One of the many things we like is the updates as you play. Mr. Monopoly pulls you to the centre of town every now and again and your net worth is updated by the growing or shrinking of a building with your token on top. Very cool.
The board itself is what it sounds like, a street! You walk around the board like walking around the block. And when you build houses and hotels, they reflect the value of the property. The ones on Marvin Gardens are my personal favourites.
When you play the games too you earn currency and can buy things like cool tokens (Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are there) and use your Mii’s if you’re on a Wii. You can also buy different boards, we just got Landmark City and it was very cool to buy London I must say.
You can use a speed die to play quicker games (and it does work, we tried it out) and set limits on worth so that the game doesn’t take hours…or you can leave them alone and indeed play for hours just like the board game.
You can play by yourself against the game or have up to 4 remotes connected.
We are very impressed, there are so many aspects and details that are done well and I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be playing this New Year’s Eve along with Trivial Pursuit and more.