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This is what we were feeling like last weekend when I even managed to get out for not one, but two outdoor runs…in Southern Ontario.


So I was feeling pretty confident in the groundhog who informed us by not running away from his shadow a few weeks ago that spring was indeed coming.

Then this happened. Don’t let the happy heart shapes fool you, it’s cold and wet and miserable.


Overall, I am absolutely not complaining about this winter. It has plain and simply rocked and after last year when it was just unbearably awful. Seriously, I think I wore a minimum of 3 layers every day for around 8 weeks straight (or more) and I still couldn’t get warm enough.

So, I thank Mother Nature for the warm ‘winter’ we’ve had this year…but that groundhog has 2 more weeks ’til I best be seeing green again. I’ll be cheering his prediction on let me tell you. #GoGroundhog #BringOnSpring

Until then, stay warm, and cheer along with me…it can’t hurt…and it may in fact keep up warm in the interim 😉


Dear Mother Nature…..

Dear Mother Nature,

Why? Why must you keep tormenting us with this winter weather? Every Saturday, I could almost set my watch to it now, we get another dumping of snow, and in between you crank the freezer so we get no respite. And I am speaking for those who have had more than me too.

Apparently you’re sending more tomorrow. Really? REALLY? We haven’t suffered enough this year? My street is getting narrower and my car desperately needs a bath that isn’t coming because then my doors will freeze. We’ve managed to save a little bit of salt  for the walk but really you’ve made it ineffective with the arctic temps, and I think this year we may actually succeed in burying the tree on our front lawn, a goal I never wanted to reach.

Again, why?

I get that winter needs to happen, cycles and all, but really? No break at all and I think we had cold warnings for what, 18 days straight? That’s just too much. I’m done.

Pretty please make spring and summer rock in every possible way because I know I’m not the only one who is seriously contemplating learning how to hibernate. Or build a dome around myself that repels cold, either will work.



Things are Looking Up!

As you can likely tell from the last post I too experienced a bit of ‘downtime’ and in no small part that was due to the constant gloominess outside. Since we’ve actually had some dry days and there is sunshine again I have really perked up and am feeling more ‘myself’ again.

Why the weather affects me like that is beyond me but it really does. Even the small stuff today hasn’t got to me. Literally, the small stuff, I went downstairs for my morning coffee and joy of joys there are tiny ants on my floor. If this had happened a few days ago I likely would have freaked, this morning, nope, I just grabbed my handy dustbuster and sucked ’em up. I’m still not pleased I assure you, but I’m definitely not letting it get to me.

Things professionally were getting me a little frustrated too but new opportunities have begun to emerge and I’m starting to feel like we’re coming out of a dark tunnel and my energy and enthusiasm is back again. I am hopeful some big things may come along sooner rather than later.

My question to you all, did you experience the same thing? How did you come out of it? What triggered your ‘coming out’? What are you doing to celebrate it? I’m trying to get outside more and get more vitamin D!


The Saddest Day of the Year? I think not!

The news this morning kept repeating that today, January 17th, is the ‘saddest’ day of the year. They say that this is when those scary bills come in from the holidays (I was smart this year and those weren’t very bad at all) and most New Year’s Resolutions have worn off. I disagree!

While it was snowing and that was a total pain this am let me tell you, and the traffic was a waking nightmare in my area, this is definitely not the saddest day. It’s my parent’s anniversary for starters (Happy Anniversay Mom and Dad!) and now that the snow has stopped (here at least) the sun is out and everything is a cheery white.

As for those resolutions, I have actually stuck to mine pretty well so far. I gave up Cola just into the year, like maybe 3 days in, and other than I think about 7 sips of my hubby’s since then, I’ve stuck to it and feel much better for it. I’ve also blogged pretty regularly and I have taken more ‘me’ time as I planned.

And I have really taken some major steps in eating right. With the exception of maybe 3 days I’ve brought my lunch in with me and I’ve been drinking a lot more water and eating healthier snacks. One of them is yes, the Kashi bars. I admit when Kashi invited me out in the fall to try their new bars I became addicted and have been buying them ever since. Then I got a note last week about a new one they have out, they’re a softer bar (great for people like me who have sensitive teeth on occasion) and it’s yummy! The Soft-baked Bars mimic the other cereal bars out there, but they always taste too ‘cakey’ to me. These don’t. And they’re only 120 calories. And they stay together, I hate crumbly stuff at my desk.

The radio this morning on the drive in (I was trying to figure out just why everyone was insane this morning), they again said that snacking (healthy snacking!) in between meals helps trick your body into believing it is full more often so you eat less. These bars and my old standby’s of apples with peanut butter or a little salsa and whole grain nachos have really made a difference for me and I am down a bit. I still need to make some more major leaps, but progress is progress!

All in all, I think I’m in pretty good shape for 17 days in, how about you?